Hello! Welcome to the main page for the Stunt Runners!
The Stunt Runners group was founded by Tffan765. With 28 members and counting, the SRs have become the premiere MarsXplr team.
The map used for most of the stunts we practice-- Dvo's Stunt Parkway --was designed by SR#3, KingDvo. You can select his map from the list of popular maps.
SR#28, MoRbEuS_2142, is the creator and moderator of this site. He's doing his best to keep this site up and running, but if something goes wrong, feel free to send him a PM.
 On behalf of the entire Stunt Runners team, we all hope you enjoy your stay!
{As more and more contributions to the SRs are being added over time, this page will be updated to honor those who spend time helping the SRs.}

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